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Paving and asphalt sealants dealer in Rochester, NY

Your one stop shop for all you sealing and asphalt repair needs!  We now have three convenient locations across upstate New York!

Rochester Jet-Blak Sealers supplies a broad selection of asphalt sealants and asphalt repair options  to suit every project. We sell the supplies and the application equipment for residential and commercial, including small businesses and individual do-it-yourselfers alike. At our shop you will find everything you need and we promise to meet all of your specifications.

We distribute high quality paving and asphalt sealants and guarantee their quality and lasting durability. Feel free to come and visit us in Rochester or call us for any inquiry and a member of your friendly staff will help you.

Our services

At Rochester Jet-Blak Sealers, we have high quality supplies for paving, landscaping and asphalting. Our paving and asphalt sealants supplies in Rochester include:

   • Coal Tar, Asphalt Sealers & Concrete Sealers
   • Sport Court Coatings - including Sportsmaster Sporting Surfaces
   • Application Equipment
   • Bulk, Drum, & Pail Availability
   • Sealmaster Crack Fillers & Additives

Client satisfaction

At Rochester Jet-Blak Sealers, we are proud of supplying quality paving and asphalt sealants that consistently exceed our clients' expectations. We are a locally owned and operated shop with over 30 years of experience. We are committed to selling the absolute best products and materials in Western & Central New York and surrounding areas.

Contact information

Rochester                            Syracuse                            Westmoreland
16 Deep Rock Rd            311 Wavel Street          4817 St Route 233
Rochester, NY                  Syracuse, NY                    Westmorland, NY                                                                                                                13490

Phone                                        Phone                                         Phone               
(585) 436-5050                   (315) 882-7843                    (315) 759-3037


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Hours of operation

Winter Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 4:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: closed

Spring & Fall Hours
Monday - Friday: 8.00 am - 4.30 pm
Saturday & Sunday: closed

Summer Hours
Monday - Friday: 7.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday: 7.00am - 4.00pm
Sunday: 8.00am - 12.00pm

 Syracuse and Westmoreland are seasonal locations and are closed until mid to late April.
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